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Our annual glass show and sale is the best attended in the country!  Over 1,500 shoppers typically came through the doors, 250 of which are in line when we open at 10am on Saturday. If you want to be one of our successful glass SHOW dealers, please contact us for additional information. Since many of our dealers are starting to retire, we are always on the lookout for new ones to add to our show. 

Part of our show’s success comes from our great marketing team. Not every club is fortunate enough to have two marketers-by-profession to execute media buys and public relations efforts, a dedicated database management team that sends postcards to anyone who has attended our show in the past five years, along with club members who distribute our flyers to every antique store they visit.

We are even award winning! Our 2015 marketing campaign was submitted to the International Association of Business Communicators - Detroit Chapter. It won the second highest award in the non-profit category. 

We pride ourselves in the ability to target our advertising efforts to niche audiences. Not only do we promote the show to glass collectors, but people with a general interest in antiques, Japanese Americans, the LGBT community, and more. We use a variety of methods including print, social media, direct mail, and public relations efforts that have even gained television coverage of the show!

If you aren’t too exhausted from wrapping up all of those glass sales during the day, there are some great area attractions and restaurants to check out in the evenings, or after the show is over. Visit our Plan Your Trip page for more information about the community.


  • Only American-made glass that began production prior to 1980 is allowed; no pottery or china

  • Booths are five and six tables (8 foot) plus an optional wrap table

    • Each table requires a minimum of 2-tiers of shelving​

    • We do have one smaller booth made up of four tables

  • Club members provide a variety of snack and lunch items on Saturday and Sunday

  • Show set-up day is Friday

    • Opportunity to shop the Club Sales Booth before the general public​

    • We provide a pizza and pop (aka soda) lunch 

  • Show tear-down is Sunday as soon as the show closes 


You do a great job on this show and it's always a pleasure to set up there.

The hospitality of your club is amazing. Everyone is so friendly, and we appreciate all the great food!

Love your show. It is our favorite one of the year  - we always look forward do it!

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