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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question for us, please fill out the form below. However, before you do so, please take a glance at our FAQs. We are happy to answer questions about our club and annual show. Due to the volume if inqueries received and that we are "staffed by volunteers" we are unable to respond to requests about identification, values, how to sell your glass, etc.

Can you identify or appraise glass for me?

As a volunteer organization, we don't have the resources to identify or appraise glass via our website. If you come to one of our meetings, we have an extensive library of glass reference books, along with knowledgeable members to assist you. There are also various glass identification groups on Facebook you could join.

I want to sell my glass - what should I do? 

​If you join our club, you are allowed to sell glass at our monthly meetings, as well as place glass for sale in our annual show (club sales booth). If you are not in the Metro Detroit area, we suggest listing glass for sale on eBay or Facebook Marketplace. If you are looking to downsize an entire collection, the best options are to sell the entire collection to a glass dealer or consign it with an auction house or local consignment shop. We cannot recommend specific shops or dealers. 

What is my glass worth? 

Whatever someone is willing to pay! You can purchase a reference book to get a general idea of values and what patterns/colors/items are more rare than others. Looking at closed eBay auction is the best way to determine what your pattern is actually selling for. 

Where can I find a piece to add to my collection?

  • Our monthly meetings (members sell glass)

  • Our annual show in November.

  • eBay

  • Etsy


  • Antique malls, flea markets, estate sales, etc.

Can I get a booth at your show? 

If you are interested in selling glass at our show, you must have enough glass to fill a 5 table booth (8 foot tables). Each table must have shelving that is a minimum of two tiers high. Please visit this page for more information. 

Contact Us

If you have a question that wasn't answered above, please fill out the form below.

Our organization is run by volunteers. We will reply to your message as we are able to.

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